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3 reasons why your business should be on TikTok


3 reasons why your business should be on TikTok

There’s no question that TikTok has taken over the world of digital marketing quicker than any other social media platform has in recent years. Some might even go on to say its content is “addicting” for being programmed to specifically fit each user’s interests. That being said, it’s also the quickest way to go viral and have your content viewed by thousands of people at a time in a short clip of 15 seconds or more. It is advertising heaven for businesses in today’s market.

If these facts alone don’t make you want to launch your business into the world of TikTok, here are 3 reasons why you should seriously consider making a presence on this platform.

1. Target Audiences
While many think that TikTok is mainly maneuvered by Gen Z and Millenials, this app’s audience goes beyond these barriers by giving marketers the opportunity to target extensively through one medium. Its content is repeatedly played and viewed while also being downloaded and shared onto other platforms (i.e. Instagram and Facebook) that reach an even wider target market. It’s a completely new marketing channel that can increase your market reach to even more diversified audiences. A few major companies worth mentioning that are making an impact through this advertising strategy include Chipotle, GymShark, RedBull, Calvin Klein, and Bentley Motors.

2. Content Variety
TikTok’s app features include creative content other than just videos. Live Stream, Duets, Hashtags, Challenges, and the main hub of Influencer Marketing. These features are what keep audiences engaged for long periods of time while also looking forward to what’s next on the app. Along with its editorial facilities to make clips engaging and visually attractive, it’s never a boring day on the app with the continuous flow of new content and the rise of trends.

3. Concurrent Results
This feature deserves its own section for the tools and benefits it provides to the analytical area of digital marketing platforms. TikTok shares real time analytics and results through profile performance tracking, while also giving tips and suggestions to professional accounts based on audiences and content being posted.

Are you ready to open this new door of opportunity and grow your business through TikTok? Drop us a line.