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TBC’S Quarantine Survival Guide


TBC’S Quarantine Survival Guide

It’s easy to lose focus and motivation when stuck at home. This is why we’ve put together a list of tips from our team to survive quarantine that will keep you energized and productive.

1. Establish a Routine

Feeling like a master procrastinator? We get it. Distractions happen. This is why it’s key to establish a schedule or routine that will keep you motivated and purpose-driven. For this one, organization is essential. Whether it’s creating a to do list, staying active around the house or simply setting reminders on your phone, find what works for you and stick to it.

KATHRYN (Art Director)

“I still wake up at the same time as before, and I’ve been trying to use my commute-free mornings to form new good habits. Lately, I’ve been doing at-home workouts from POPSUGAR’s Youtube channel (#HipHopTabataVibes), then I’ll shower and do my eyebrows and a light makeup routine before sitting down with my laptop and a Nespresso cappuccino.”

Stay active >

2. Stay Social

It’s easy to feel disconnected when you’re social distancing. Even though there’s a lack of interaction, It’s essential to stay engaged and find creative ways to feel connected. One way our team is practicing this is through our Slack channels where we talk about what we’re up to, sharing updates on our furry friends and sharing what’s inspiring us! We also do virtual hangouts through Zoom and Google Hangouts! Keep it fun and remember that we’re all in this together.

CAMILLE (Jr. Brand Strategist)

“It’s so important for me to stay connected with my friends and family during this time. Some fun ways I’ve stayed social have been through Zoom happy hours and Facetime coffee dates!”

Zoom it out > 

3. Find Unique Ways to Stay Entertained

Bored in the house and you’re in the house bored? Look no further. We’ve got you covered with some ideas to keep you entertained and sane during quarantine. From finding new recipes and unleashing your inner DIY skills to listening to podcasts and discovering new music, there’s a world of possibilities to get you inspired and proactive.

Check out team’s top picks to stay entertained:

For a good jam sesh:

Helene (Digital Marketing Manager)

“I’ve been loving Tom Misch Radio on Spotify! Sometimes you just need a great guitar jam out sesh and a nice singing voice to keep you focused and on track.”

Listen here > 

For the film buff:

SUNDAY (Digital Marketing Coordinator)

“Binge watching a lot of movies on Criterion Channel, highly recommend if you love art-house or international cinema.”

Grab the popcorn > 

For the chef in the making:

LAURA (Art Director)

“I love exploring new recipes to try. It’s a fun way to pass the time and it helps that there’s a yummy reward at the end. Highly recommend Chrissy Teigen’s take on banana bread. So so so good. It’s so moist and yummy. I omitted the coco flakes since I didn’t have any and used dark chocolate chips.”

Go bananas > 

4. Learn Something New

A silver lining from #quarantinelife is definitely having more time to learn something new! There’s so many amazing resources online to hone your skills or learn from scratch. Whether you’re looking to take virtual museum tours, master a language or enroll in a Masterclass with industry experts, there is no limit to the lessons and invaluable experiences that are available at the click of a button. 

SOPHIA (Digital Marketing)

“One of my favorite things to do during quarantine has been to visit some of my favorite museums online! Each time I feel like I learn something new and exciting. I recommend checking out The Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam!”

Go museum dwelling >