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Our 5 Favorite Website Designs (Right Now)


Our 5 Favorite Website Designs (Right Now)

Anyone with a website knows that perfecting it can take what feels like endless hours of research, design, and patience. There really is no feeling like launching a website once every inch of the screen is absolutely flawless. At The Brand Collective, creating and working with websites is something we love, so we know a strong website when we see one. Here are the top 5 websites we’re crushing on right now:


Mendo is a bookstore based in Amsterdam. They refer to themselves as a “candy story” filled with books covered in their beautifully created designs. Their website has an easy to navigate layout allowing them to showcase their work in the most enjoyable and stimulating ways!

I Buongiorno

I Buongiorno (The Morning) is a large wine collection meticulously assembled by wine aficionado, Teodosio Buongiorno. The most noteworthy feature on this website is how each time a new page is clicked, an image smoothly moves into a page that tells it’s own story.

Destroyer LA

Destroyer LA is a daytime-only restaurant for Scandinavian breakfast and lunch. The site’s minimalist theme perfectly fits the restaurant’s simple and modern vibe. We are blown away by the digital clock, calendar, and map, however, the interactive game takes the cake on this one.


Method is a one-of-a-kind brand that offers powerful and environmentally friendly cleaning products. #FearNoMess. The homepage features a video of a ridiculously messy dog shaking dirt and chaos all over the place, itching viewers with the urge to clean. We appreciate how Method’s website ties their playful copy and pleasing visuals with minimal and messy movements.

Raoul Gaillard

Raoul Gaillard is a student from France who loves “interactive design, development, and building electric skateboards” and his website shows it! Every one of his pages includes a unique interactive, 3D design. The layout of his work is the perfect combination of professional and playful. We give this portfolio an A+.

We’re also in the process of developing some kick ass websites of our own! D.U.C Whisky will have an experiential website with a dark and mysterious look and feel that is built to encourage users to engage with the brand and bottle. Nclusive will be extremely user friendly with high quality images of destinations, luxury cars, and experiences available for rental or purchase. One of our most recent projects, Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen, incorporates vibrant colors and images that embody the lively vibes of their restaurant and food. Get a sneak peek of these sick sites by checking out their splash pages and check out our completed website projects.