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2019 Digital Design Trends We’re Loving


2019 Digital Design Trends We're Loving

Digital is ever-changing. With new design techniques and styles constantly popping up, we rounded up some of our favorites for 2019. From custom illustrations to augmented reality, these trends are badass and here to stay.


The demand for unique brand illustrations is higher than ever. According to a recent study, custom made illustrations can convert 7 times more than stock photography. An awesome way to make your brand stand out from the rest.


The bolder, the better. Bold colors are coming back in a big way. Specifically, eye-catching supersaturated colors that POP! Whether it’s dashing duo tones or vivid monotones, this technique evokes a striking brand identity.


There’s something about avoiding traditional balance that we absolutely love. Designers use this technique to convey an overall harmony by intentionally doing the exact opposite. An outstanding way to peak the user’s interest.


The rise of augmented reality has truly taken shape in recent years. Many brands are incorporating this interactive element to their identity. Definitely a trend to not sleep on.


Here at TBC, we’re all about clean bold design. Negative space is a classic technique to illustrate sophistication and modernity. A trend that continues to reimagine itself over and over again. In the end, less is always more.


We’ll be seeing animation in a HUGE way this year, particularly in logo design. Animated logos are on the rise and bringing new meaning to brand identity. Don’t be afraid to shake things up and showcase your brand in a completely unique way!


Harkening back to the iconic mid-century advertising illustrations, many brands are incorporating this old school style and bringing it to present day. A trend we’re definitely keeping an eye on for 2019.

Here’s to a year of forward-thinking design where new techniques will be embraced and classics will continue to be reinvented.

~ The Brand Collective